How to stop Loan App Harassment?

How to stop Loan App Harassment

Putting an End to Loan App Harassment: A Comprehensive Guide

In Nigeria, the popularity of loan apps has soared, offering short-term loans with reasonable interest rates to individuals in need of quick financial assistance. To access these loans, users typically register on the app, provide personal information, and request the desired loan amount. Ideally, borrowers are expected to repay the loan before the due date.

However, not all borrowers are able to meet the repayment obligations for various reasons, from financial constraints to deliberate refusal. Unfortunately, some loan apps resort to harassing tactics as a means to collect outstanding loan amounts. This includes contacting the borrower’s friends and family, spreading false rumors, and engaging in other intrusive behaviors.

In response to this issue, this post seeks to address the question, “How to stop loan app harassment?” and provide actionable solutions.

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into effective strategies to halt loan app harassment, empowering borrowers with the knowledge and tools to protect their rights and privacy.

Stay informed, read through the insights presented here, and don’t hesitate to share your thoughts in the comments section. Together, we can create awareness and promote responsible lending practices.

Let’s put an end to loan app harassment and ensure a fair and respectful lending environment.

How to stop loan app harassment?

If you want to prevent loan apps from contacting your friends and harassing you, then you will need to know the following:

Pay back loans on time

One of the ways to prevent loan apps from harassing your and spreading false rumors about you is to pay back your loans before the due date.

Once you back your loan, there will be no reason for the loan app to harass you. Even if you don’t have the money yet, you can take a loan from a different place to pay back, or borrow from a friend. In the end, just make sure you back your loan on-time.

Avoid taking loans

This might seem obvious, but if you want to avoid loan app harassment, then don’t take one in the first place. You will be best served borrowing money from a friend, and paying back when you have the money.

Some of these loan apps are not worth your time, so you should avoid them like the plague.

Don’t give loan apps access to your contacts

When you download a loan app and register, you will be asked to grant the loan app access to your contacts and personal information. If you don’t want the loan apps to harass you and send false rumors to your contacts, then you should not give them access to your contacts.

If you have already granted them access to your contacts, you should go to your phone settings and revoke the access/remove permission, so they won’t be able to get access to your contacts.

Use trusted loan apps

The reason why lots of people are being harassed by some of these loan apps is because they collect loan from all types of loan apps.

You should know that some of these loan apps are not registered companies, and as such, they can take some illegal actions, in a bid to get you to pay back your loan.

You should never take a loan from an unregistered loan app, if you must really take a loan, you can use the likes of Branch loan app, Carbon loan app, Fairmoney loan app etc. which are registered loan apps, and will not harass you illegally if you fail to meet up with repayment.

Delete the loan app

You can also delete the loan app from your phone. It is best to entirely delete your account from the loan app before deleting the app itself, as deleting the app doesn’t mean that you don’t still have an account with the loan app.

You can delete your account tin the settings option or by contacting the customer care.


With the above, you should now know how to stop loan app harassment. If you require further information, you can leave us a comment below in the comment section or visit our contact us page and we will get back to you as soon as we possibly can.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

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Which loan apps are good?

You can try branch loan app, fairmoney, renmoney and carbon loan.

How to stop loan app harassment?

To stop loan app harassment, you should make sure you pay back you loan on time, before the due date.

How to stop loan apps from access my contacts?

You can stop loan apps from accessing your contacts by removing their permission from the settings of your mobile phone.

How to delete my account on a loan app?

To delete your account on any loan app, you will need to contact their customer care and send them an email, requesting for your account to be deleted.


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