How to delete beneficiary on Opay app

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Effortless Beneficiary Management: How to Delete Beneficiary on Opay App

The Opay app offers a wide range of functionalities, allowing users to carry out various actions such as money transfers, checking account balances, purchasing airtime, viewing account statements, bill payments, and much more.

When you perform a money transfer to another account number, the Opay app provides an option to save the beneficiary for future transactions. Once the beneficiary is saved, you no longer need to re-enter their account details each time you want to send money to the same account.

However, circumstances may change, and you might need to remove a beneficiary from the Opay app. Fortunately, the app offers a simple solution to manage your beneficiaries effortlessly.

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How to delete beneficiary on Opay app?

Follow the below instructions on how to delete beneficiary on Opay app:

  1. Login to the Opay app with your details
  2. Click on TRANSFER
  3. Click on to other bank accounts or other opay account
  4. Click on the icon right next to the Account number input tab
  6. Select the beneficiary you want to delete and click on delete

Once you do the above, the beneficiary will be deleted from the list of your saved beneficiary.

About Opay?

Opay is an e-payment platform that is owned by Opera software company (the developers of the popular Opera mini browser). On Opay, you can make payments for goods and services using just your mobile phone.

The Opay app is available for download on the android playstore, and you can then begin making payments, paying bills and receiving money on your mobile phone.

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