Piggyvest Referral (How to withdraw Piggyvest referral bonus)

Piggyvest Referral (How to withdraw Piggyvest referral bonus)

Harnessing the Power of Piggyvest Referral: How to Withdraw Your Referral Bonus

Piggyvest, initially known as piggybank.ng and rebranded as Piggyvest in 2019, is a leading fintech company that has been transforming the way people save and invest since its launch in 2016. Offering not just a secure savings platform but also attractive interest rates of up to 12% on savings, Piggyvest stands out as a viable alternative to traditional commercial bank accounts.

You may wonder why you should opt for Piggyvest over a regular bank account. The answer lies in Piggyvest’s unique features, which foster a savings culture and make it easier for users to build their savings.

An exciting aspect of Piggyvest is its referral system, which presents an excellent opportunity for users to earn extra income. By successfully referring new users to the platform, you can earn a referral bonus of 1,000 naira for each person who registers using your referral code/link. Additionally, the new user will also receive a registration bonus of 1,000 naira.

In this comprehensive post, we will delve into all the details you need to know about Piggyvest referral. Specifically, we will cover “How to Withdraw Piggyvest Referral Bonus,” “How to Get Piggyvest Registration Bonus,” “How to Obtain Piggyvest Referral Code/Link,” and much more.

By the end of this guide, you’ll be fully equipped to make the most of Piggyvest referral and maximize your earnings. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section and spread the word by sharing this valuable information with your friends on social media.

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How to withdraw Piggyvest referral bonus?

Before you can withdraw your piggyvest referral bonus, your referral will need to complete a few actions.

The referral bonus is only paid after your referral has been marked as a vaild user, since it is possible for people to refer themselves, in a bid to try and game the system.

For your referral to be marked a vaild user, they need to complete the following:

  1. Link your BVN (bank verification number). This BVN is used to valid your personal details.
  2. Fund your flex naira wallet with at least 100 naira via a direct bank transfer to the flex account number generated.
  3. You will also need to fund any other two wallets (Piggybank, safelock or target savings wallet) with at least 1,000 naira each.
  4. Once all the above steps have been conducted, the referral bonus will be unlocked and sent to your flex account at the maturity date.
  5. You can then request for withdrawal by inputting your bank account, requesting for OTP and following the on-screen prompts.

NOTE: The money will mature to your flex account after 10 days, once the referred user is marked valid.

How to get Piggyvest registration bonus?

To get your 1,000 naira registration bonus, you will need to:

  1. Login to your dashboard and click on Redeem 1000 naira registration bonus
  2. Add your BVN (Bank verification number)
  3. An account number will be generated for your flex account and you will need to transfer at least 100 naira to it.
  4. You will also need to deposit 1,000 each in any two of your Piggybank, safelock or Target savings account.

How to get Piggyvest referral code?

You can use the code 78d3760d9c0121 to register on Piggyvest. If you want to get your referral code, you will need to login to your Piggyvest account, click on ACCOUNT, click on Referral earnings and you will be able to get your referral code.

How to register/sign up on Piggyvest?

To sign up on Piggyvest, you will need to follow the below instructions:

  1. Click on the hamburger icon at the right hand top corner and select “CREATE A FREE ACCOUNT” from the dropdown, if you are using a desktop, just click on “CREATE A FREE ACCOUNT”.
  2. Fill in your correct details which include your name, email address, phone number, password and referral phone number.
  3. Choose any of the “how did you hear about us” option.
  4. Click on “CREATE ACCOUNT”
  5. Go ahead and confirm your email

From your dashboard, you will need to deposit at least 1,000 naira to activate your account.

Features of piggyvest

Piggyvest has put in place some features to help you not only save money but to invest your money. The following are some of the interesting features that make piggyvest a very interesting platform:


Remember when people use to save money in those boxes that made it easy to put money in but difficult to take money out, the idea was to imbibe a saving culture, even if you had a need a for the money, you were likely still not to touch it, since it was very difficult to take out.

The whole idea of piggyvest is similar, easy to put money but has some conditions that make it difficult to take money out before the withdrawal date that you set. This will imbibe a saving culture in you, and will make you very pleased on withdrawal date.

The piggybank enables you a little or a large amount of money, this money will be deducted automatically from your bank balance, so you don’t have to be depositing money to your piggyvest savings every day.

A withdrawal date will be set by you, and you usually are not supposed to withdraw before that date, but if you do, piggyvest will charge you 5% on your saved money. This will most likely discourage you from withdrawing before the date that you set, making it easier to save money in a long term.


This is piggyvest’s equivalent of a bank fixed account. Unlike the piggybank, you can’t withdraw this money before the set withdrawal date.

The safelock allows you to set money aside for a fixed period of time, without having access to it until its has reached maturity.

The difference between a piggyvest safelock and a bank’s fixed account is the interest that piggyvest pays you. With piggyvest, you can get up to 12% interest on saved money annually.

You can safelock your money on piggyvest for a minimum of 10 days and up to 1000 days. This is useful if for example, you want to save up for something like a car, you can safelock it on piggyvest so you won’t be tempted to touch it until it has reached maturity.


Piggyvest flexnaira is a feature on piggyvest which permits you to transfer, accept and build emergency funds with ease and zero charges.

Target savings

This feature on piggyvest enables you save towards a certain goal in mind and you can only withdraw your money when you reach that set goal.

For example, if you intend to save up to buy a car that maybe costs 1 million naira, you can use the piggyvest target savings feature to achieve this goal.

Saving a 100,000 naira every month for 10 months will help you reach your target, this is basically the primary use of the piggyvest target savings feature.

Piggyvest Customer Care

If you want to reach the piggyvest customer care, you can do so via the following:

Piggyvest customer care number: 0700 933 933 933

Email: [email protected]

Address: 16 Boyle street, Onikan, Lagos island, Lagos, Nigeria.

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