NewJeans – ‘Get Up’ Review

NewJeans – ‘Get Up’ Review

Exactly 364 days ago, NewJeans burst onto the K-pop scene, infusing it with a fresh and invigorating energy. As newly unveiled rookies, they immediately captured hearts and minds with their unique approach to girl group music. Drawing inspiration from ’90s R&B and pop, combined with modern production and a Y2K aesthetic, their sound stood out as a brilliant departure from the mainstream.

While elements of their style have since become more common in K-pop, NewJeans continues to lead the way, solidifying their position as trailblazers both in the domestic and international music scenes. With just one mini-album released last year, titled ‘New Jeans,’ and their single album ‘OMG,’ the five-piece group has already made significant strides.

Now, on the verge of their one-year anniversary, NewJeans returns to the spotlight to assert their status as the group to watch. They are well aware of the attention they’ve garnered and confidently proclaim in their opening track ‘New Jeans’ from their sophomore mini-album ‘Get Up’: “All eyes on us NewJeans / So fresh, so clean.” It’s a subtle but powerful mission statement, reaffirming their commitment to carving out their own unique path in the industry.

As NewJeans celebrates their first year in the limelight, fans and industry insiders alike are eager to witness their further growth and success. With their distinctive sound and unyielding determination, NewJeans remains a force to be reckoned with in the ever-evolving world of K-pop.

From the very beginning, NewJeans has exuded a captivating blend of freshness, coolness, sophistication, and poise. Their music reflects the spirit of youth, but it’s delivered in a composed and controlled manner, steering away from the chaotic whirlwind of teenage life. With their sophomore mini-album ‘Get Up,’ the group engages the listener in a compelling conversation, sharing their experiences and emotions openly.

Throughout the album’s six songs, NewJeans takes listeners on a journey of self-discovery and growth. ‘Super Shy’ stands out with its Jersey club rhythms and breakbeats, narrating the tale of crushing on someone new and overcoming shyness to win their heart.

The beat mirrors the jittery feelings of approaching a crush, while Haerin’s heartfelt lament, “I’m usually pretty talkative, what’s wrong with me? / I don’t like that,” strikes a chord with introverts and serves as a motivational anthem. With its vibrant energy, ‘Super Shy’ emerges as a strong contender for the title of the summer anthem.

NewJeans’ ability to blend relatable lyrics with infectious rhythms is undoubtedly a winning combination. As they continue to engage in meaningful conversations through their music, their distinctive style and unwavering confidence make them a rising force in the K-pop scene. With ‘Get Up,’ NewJeans further solidifies their place as a group to watch, leaving listeners eager for more of their captivating and poised sound.

In the album ‘Get Up,’ NewJeans explores different perspectives on blossoming relationships and the complexities that come with them. In the track ‘ETA,’ they take on the role of protectors, warning their friends about a potential heartbreaker. The lyrics convey a sense of urgency, with upbeat, chopped-up brass adding energy to the track. In the chorus, NewJeans forms a support group to help their friend, chanting, “What’s your ETA, what’s your ETA / I’ll be there right now, lose that boy on her arm.”

The album doesn’t solely focus on empowerment but instead delves into the intricacies of real-life situations. ‘Cool With You,’ with its UK garage-driven sound, dismisses what others say about their partner, asserting their own feelings: “You can come back / I don’t care what other people say.” The dreamy interlude track, ‘Get Up,’ hints at a fragile and tense confrontation, with the group expressing their desire to resolve the conflict: “Get up, I don’t wanna fight your shadow / Meet you back in five if I matter to you / Like you say I do.”

Throughout the album, NewJeans skillfully weaves narratives that address the complexities of relationships, showcasing their ability to blend captivating melodies with thought-provoking lyrics. ‘Get Up’ captures a range of emotions and experiences, making it a must-listen for both K-pop enthusiasts and those seeking music that delves into genuine human connections.

In their mesmerizing track ‘ASAP,’ New Jeans exude the euphoric rush of love, depicting the modern version of talking on a landline with nostalgic imagery. The group effortlessly captures the giddy excitement of young love with lyrics like “Thinking I’m done talking, I tap red. I Remembered something, so I ring again.” Their enchanting portrayal of this feeling is beautifully delivered, leaving listeners immersed in the soft clouds of romance.

As first-year rookies, New Jeans have already achieved a dream-like success even before the release of ‘Get Up.’ With the addition of six more flawless songs, and further songwriting credits for Haerin and Danielle, they have capped off their first 12 months in the industry with divine style.

The mini-album has proven to be a resounding success, and the group’s popularity continues to soar. As they introduce the next chapter of their journey, the anticipation and excitement for what’s to come only grow.

The enchanting allure of New Jeans’ music and their undeniable talent have earned them a devoted following, keeping all eyes on their next moves.

With each release, they prove their staying power and ability to captivate audiences with their pop beauty. As fans eagerly anticipate their future endeavors, New Jeans’ journey is one to watch in the K-pop scene, filled with promise and limitless potential.

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