NCT Dream – ‘ISTJ’ Review

NCT Dream – ‘ISTJ’ Review

NCT Dream’s latest full-length album, ‘ISTJ,’ explores the complexities of love and compatibility through the lens of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). The title track, also called ‘ISTJ,’ delves into the story of star-crossed lovers from different worlds – NCT Dream positioning themselves as ENFPs, the polar opposite of their love interest’s ISTJ personality type.

Contrary to typical stereotypes associated with MBTI types, NCT Dream subverts expectations by expressing a genuine desire to understand and connect with their ISTJ muse on a deeper level. The song’s refreshing lyrics emphasize that individuals are more than just a set of letters and pre-assigned personality traits.

Sonically, ‘ISTJ’ showcases NCT Dream’s playful and vibrant style, blending strong hip-hop and pop influences that fans have come to expect from the group. A notable highlight is a brief tempo change in the bridge, adding an interesting twist to the song without compromising its essence.

With captivating storytelling and compelling production, ‘ISTJ’ captivates listeners and further solidifies NCT Dream’s position as a group that continues to push creative boundaries. As fans immerse themselves in the album’s exploration of love and relationships, NCT Dream’s ‘ISTJ’ album promises to be a delightful journey of self-discovery and romance, appealing to both MBTI enthusiasts and music lovers alike.

NCT Dream’s album ‘ISTJ’ offers a captivating rollercoaster of emotions and experiences. The diversity in musical styles ensures a dynamic listening journey as we accompany the boyband on their musical exploration.

‘Skateboard’ draws on West Coast hip-hop with sprinkles of UK house, creating a palpable and nostalgic sound. However, the real highlight remains NCT Dream’s sheer vocal ability, which shines throughout the album.

‘SOS’ is a dynamic hip-hop track with a sleek and immersive instrumental introduction. The alluring whisper-raps in the chorus, contrasted against harsh beats, add the perfect finishing touch. ‘Pretzel (♡)’ infuses hip-hop with electronic synths, providing a futuristic cybernetic edge. Though the track’s transitions from rap to vocal verses may feel chaotic, the vocal performances remain outstanding.

‘R&B takes center stage in ‘Poison’, where sultry synths form a backdrop for NCT Dream’s talented vocalists, showcasing their harmonies and dreamy voices. ‘Broken Melodies’, inspired by glam rock, deviates from the group’s usual sonic landscape with dramatic drum beats and electric guitar riffs, making it a notable departure.

Slowing the pace down, ‘Yogurt Shake’ revisits NCT Dream’s romantic innocence with a focus on vocalists and harmonization. ‘Blue Wave’ serves as an upbeat counterpart to ‘Dive Into You’, allowing the vocalists to shine brightly. ‘Starry Night’ begins with hypnotic acoustic guitar chords of bossa nova, evoking images of lovers by a campfire on the beach, but takes a surprising turn with the introduction of trap beats.

Overall, ‘ISTJ’ showcases NCT Dream’s versatility and vocal prowess, offering a rich musical experience for fans and casual listeners alike. The album’s diverse range of styles ensures a delightful journey, making it a solid entry in the mid-tempo pop genre.

The closing track of the album, ‘Like We Just Met,’ is a slow ballad co-written by all seven NCT Dream members, with Mark, Jeno, and Jaemin involved in the composition. While the song serves as the obligatory fan-dedicated confessional in typical K-pop fashion, its minimalist instrumentation somewhat detracts from its impact.

Although it pays homage to their loyal fanbase and showcases some members’ first-time contributions to self-written lyrics, it may not leave a lasting impression beyond that. Ending the dynamic and fluid ‘ISTJ’ album with a cliché slow ballad feels somewhat rushed and lacking in coherence.

Despite this, ‘ISTJ‘ exhibits NCT Dream’s versatility as musicians, celebrating their willingness to explore diverse genres and structures beyond the mainstream. The album’s eclectic synergy, born from a medley of sounds, remains its main strength.

Embracing head-banging buoyancy, ‘ISTJ’ maintains the energy that fans have come to adore NCT Dream for. As Renjun mentioned in a press conference for the album’s release, “I think this is just the beginning,” hinting at even more exciting musical endeavors to come.

Overall, ‘ISTJ’ may not be the most cohesive album in NCT Dream’s discography, but it serves as a testament to their boundless creativity and growth as artists. With a wide range of musical exploration, NCT Dream’s ‘ISTJ’ showcases their potential and leaves fans eagerly anticipating what they have in store for the future.

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