Paris Texas – ‘Mid Air’ Review

Paris Texas – ‘Mid Air’ Review

Paris Texas – ‘Mid Air’ Review. Paris, Texas, the Californian duo comprising producer Louie Pastel and rapper Felix, burst into the spotlight with their impactful single ‘Heavy Metal’ in February 2021. Since then, they’ve gained viral popularity on Twitter and developed a sense of mystery surrounding their persona and background.

Their debut album, ‘Mid Air,’ maintains the propulsive and elusive vibe that captivated fans, showcasing their signature scuzzy and disjointed sound.

The album’s 16 tracks highlight their rumbling beats and warped vocals, creating a fast and loose atmosphere. However, some arrangements may feel too polished, occasionally losing the raw energy of their heavier rock and punk influences. Still, ‘Mid Air’ exudes curiosity and exploration, with Felix’s verses displaying clever wordplay and amusing references.

While some songs delve into weightier themes like paranoia and malaise, collaborations like ‘Full English‘ with Teezo Touchdown offer moments of lightness, invigorating the overall listening experience. Paris, Texas shows promise and an ability to maintain their artistic vision amidst growing audience expectations.

As they continue to evolve and carve out their unique space in the music scene, fans can look forward to further exciting developments from the enigmatic duo, Paris, Texas.

Paris Texas’s album ‘Mid Air’ exudes an electrifying energy that perfectly encapsulates their sharp and controlled chaos, honed over several previous EPs. The closing track, ‘We Fall,’ delves into confessional and emo-inspired writing, alluding to childhood dreams and the duo’s ambitious aspirations without revealing specific details.

This mysterious element adds to the allure of the album, making it a brilliant and emblematic representation of Paris Texas’s unique sound and style. Fans can expect to be captivated by the duo’s enigmatic artistry and eagerly await their future endeavors.

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